SF Hornets
Founded in 1991 by Resident Pro Magic Carpet Bob, the SF Hornets number over 5000 players from all walks of life, making it the largest paintball association in the world. This association is not a team, but rather an affiliation to recognize and promote positive sportsmanship in the great sport of Paintball.

Anyone can apply. It takes 3 months to be recognized and approved. Approval is not based on how well you can shoot, but rather, on how you perform as a sportsman in the stress of battle:

  1. How you handle yourself in the game.
  2. How you treat your opponents.
  3. Your reaction when it’s your turn to “bite the bullet.”
  4. If you can perform positively in these distinct areas of our great combat sport, bringing fun and class to the game, you will have no trouble finding your way into the Great Hive and becoming eligible to purchase and wear a San Francisco Hornet tee shirt/ sweatshirt.

“Once a Hornet, always a Hornet!”

The Beezwax Game

Every Saturday and Sunday, the first game after lunch is the one game in which any attending Hornets can play together against all the other players, known as the Hornet Hunters. Don’t miss your chance to play this truly unique scenario and complete your Paintball Jungle experience!