Dear Paintball Jungle Community,

Come out and enjoy some fresh air, escape from the modern world, and de-stress!
Paintball is a non-contact sport, and we have plenty of space in our staging area.
safety and enjoyment have always been our top priority, and we are taking some extra measures
in these unprecedented times. Below are updated guidelines while at Paintball Jungle.

Before coming to THE JUNGLE:

  • If you are sick or are feeling sick, do not come to the field. Screen yourselves for symptoms and stay at home if you have them.
  • Bring your own drinking water! We will no longer provide a public water cooler.
  • Save time, and please fill out your waiver online.


  • Use social distancing from your fellow players in the staging area and while waiting for
    assistance at the service counter, and follow the face-covering recommendations in
    accordance with State Covid-19 guidance.
  • If you need rental equipment, be assured that we are vigilantly cleaning and disinfecting each item
    before it is rented out. We are also offering new, packaged GXG Paintball Goggles/with masks
    at the below-cost price of $15. If you prefer to use rental goggles (free with admission), be
    assured that you will be the first and only person to use them that day. All rental goggles are
    thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day.
  • As always, physical contact is not allowed at Paintball Jungle.
  • Now, more than ever, please do not litter! Trashcans are located throughout the parking lot,
    and extra 30-gallon trash bags are available, free-for-the-asking, at the service counter.
    (Recycle batteries at the service counter.).

Our goal is always to provide a positive, safe environment for people to have fun playing the
the game we love.

Thank you,
Paintball Jungle